Tell Me Something Good

The idea for this blog has been incubating in my head for a while now. But it was just an idea with no follow-through. That is, until I won a Duck Race (my rubber ducky floated 100 yards down the Lumber River the fastest) sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club of Lumberton. I haven’t been able to explain exactly why, but that simple “victory” provided enough motivation for me to actually follow-through with a plan that has the potential to improve my attitude and my perspective. In that regard, Good News from a Good Neighbor will be, in a sense, therapeutic–hopefully as much for you as me.

I have been a State Farm agent in Lumberton since 2004, and the only reason I bring that up is to say that I have lived in this small community for 15 years and I have witnessed many people “doing good”. On the other hand, I only took one journalism class in college–on the topic of censorship–and it was certainly not about developing an ability to interview people or write an article with any sort of journalistic integrity. So this could be interesting for many reasons.

Good News from a Good Neighbor is a blog about the many good things happening in Robeson County, North Carolina, and the people who devote their time and energy to making those things happen. Every month, I will be having a cup of coffee with these people, learning more about them, and the groups and organizations they represent. Hopefully I can adequately pass along to you what I learn.

I think the singer Chaka Khan said it best: “Tell Me Something Good” (and now that chorus line will be stuck in your head all day). And that, simply, is my goal with Good News from a Good Neighbor–to tell you something good.

3 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good

  1. I have been a State Farm customer for over 40 years. This blog is awesome Josh. As I have known for 40+ years, like a good neighbor, State is and has been there.


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